“The culture of Chinese is very conservative.  There are no good places for intellectuals so many intellectuals leave for foreign countries such as America, England and so on.”

“We are always proud of our IQ but are ashame of our regulations and system.  Chinese have strong sense of protect ourselves.  It’s a limitation of one’s future.  But we have to.  Just like our government proclaims: survival is the first place, equality is the second.”

“We don’t follow religion but we do follow ancient philosophies of Confucius.”

“First I must say that I’m not a racist.  But for me, I can’t marry blacks or whites .  People should marry someone of their own race.  They can understand each other well.  Maybe the same beliefs can shorten the distance between the two souls.  I only love Chinese.  I even don’t like touching Koreans, Japanese or Hindu.  A Chinese man brings me a strong feeling of happiness or safety.  People comes from different country and have different customs.  Maybe love decreases the conflict. But with other problems around, for example the education of their children or the supporting of parents, their life can’t be terrific, I think.  I just want to have a Chinese husband.  He can understand the meaning of words that I’ve said.  Even different races can’t live a comfortable life of course that’s not an absolutely right thing.  Just imagine the basic food that they eat can’t be the same! What a terrible thing! In one word, I’m really not a racist, but I can’t accept marriage between two different races.”

and then you get these, from students older than yours truly:::

“I want to write a story about Bobby princess.  It is about two girls who work together to beat the evil.  It tells us friends should trust each other and help each other.”

“Yesterday I has been to Jinan City. Seeing so many pigens walking around people who were feeding them including the children and the elder.  I felt very comfortable when I saw they were not afraid of people and we could get along well with them.”