16 October 2009

Blog Action day is a day when all bloggers can help bring awareness to a particular global issue.  This year the issue is Global Warming.  Here’s China’s version:

If they don’t get you because you are different, then they will get you with coal.  Blackened lungs.  Ash covers everything, settles under the TV, the desk, fades pictures of family on the wall.  It pours out of vents and heaters, lines the road, sticks to the bottom of our shoes, our bikes.  The wind picks up.  We don’t even know if it’s going to rain, if the sun is out to warm us.  There’s no such thing as London Fog, only industrial ash that burns, coats, sticks and refuses to be wiped up.

Littering is thought nothing of here, the streets lined with plastic bags and abandoned wrappers.  Everything is made to be temporary.  On our first week here we rejoiced at having a tea house a few steps from our front door, a small shop to get ice-cream after dinner.  At the end of that week we watched the entire complex be torn down and only a concrete floor to remain in its place.  Most things that the average person can afford are cheap and cheaply made, creating a mentality of, “if it breaks, throw it out, buy a new one.”  Hence a build up of discarded material.

I hope this country someday soon will reckon with itself, if not for humanitarian purposes then for environmental.