30 September 2009


On the road again…Ready for adventure and something different from safe Qufu life.

How strange to find oneself in the middle of a large city.  One could easily get lost, even if they knew the language, among the endless numbers of people, the bright lights and dark alleys, the high-rises outlined in color-changing neon.  Here I am in a strange room, in a strange bed with peeling wall paper around me, the muffled sounds of the hubub below.  I look down on Jinan, peer into windows an see couples embracing, lonely individuals watching television and children dressing for bed, families cleaning up after a meal.  They exist in the way they are allowed to.  Here I am in the middle of it.  Frequently in travel, I am not quite sure how I fit into their lives or how they fit into mine, if the reason is more than just to confuse me further.  It is apparent to all who know me that travel is a passion, however if I continue to persist at it I must be ready to face some questions I never thought I would ever ask–questions I’m not sure how to phrase–questions about the defiance of space and time, family, friend and foe, how we come to have significance in a world of so many…